Flowbox Entertainment aims to deliver local organic circus talent at an affordable cost and professional quality. Through creative stage shows and walk-around interactions, Flowbox performers are ready to "Go with the Flow" to guarantee event success.


Artist, Emily Colvin was born in the Santa Clarita Valley. Living all over the state of California, she began her art career in high school and carried on to study at several community colleges and then Metro State University of Colorado. Shortly soon after moving to New York and then back to Los Angeles she sought mentorship. "Art work is made because when there is a calling, you simply must answer to it."

This is a simple way she describes purpose. Being in an inspirational environment that is full of color, freedom, and professionalism is very important for Colvin's process. Her desire to create something so free and strong while sophisticated and sleek is what has shaped the latest collection. Learning from mature artists and trusting the authentic self has become her main practice in the origination. There is a reverse process used to demonstrate all the layers are necessary, natural and forgiving.

Now residing in Los Angeles, she pursues the goals and the visions of these installations. Recently being featured on the cover of Down Town News for The Main Museum, Colvin is officially on the map in her DTLA studio and Projects are at Large.

Marc Wonder is a Southern California based artist. Through many life experiences, Marc Wonder has accumulated different techniques in the beauty of multiple types of art (Oil, acrylic, spray paint, water colors, etc.) He has over 15 years exercising his talent, and is constantly learning from his surroundings alongside other great artists whom he admires. He has had the privilege of displaying some of his pieces at multiple art expos/ shows. Ultimately, Mr. Wonder is honored to be presenting his art work at The Rhythm, Wine & Brews Experience 2018.